At  MIXING-HEAD  we understand that when you do business with us you are putting your own reputation, and that of your company, on the line.

We know that our customers rely on our parts and we independently and rigorously test the products we sell

we stand behind the quality of our products

This is why we operate according to a strict quality management system and are committed to the continuous improvement of our
products and services


Product Quality Guarantee

Your order is part of a comprehensive warranty program, the MIXING-HEAD Product Quality Guarantee


You are entitled to a replacement or refund (your choice) if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality or simply if you changed your mind.

No questions asked, just let us know and send your order back to us


 A defective product is extremely rare. You are, however, covered by our warranty program for 6 months on an unlimited 24/7 usage.

We do examine returned parts to help us identify product and/or process improvements and either repair or replace your product in case of any manufacturing fault. Exemptions to this warranty are wearables such as o-rings, quad-rings, teflon disks or any chemical products (oil, dryer desiccants etc.); this exemption does not affect the 30 day money back guarantee on those parts


How it is done

To assure quality, our processes, products, machinery, equipment, systems and coatings must meet a range of statutory and contractual quality requirements.

everyone at MIXING-HEAD has a hand in quality control

Our commitment is to provide outstanding service, on-time delivery and high quality products to our valued customers


Engineers - are responsible to design and analyze the manufacturing process regularly. Based on the outcome of this analysis they then initiate improvement activities


Operators - measure important characteristics of materials and the production process to determine if the process is still ‘under control’, which means that variation is no more than expected and specified


Quality Laboratory performs visual, electrical, mechanical and functional tests to ensure they meet your standards. Inspection is performed with calibrated and traceable equipment according to ISO 9001 standards.