Quality of MIXING-HEADs Parts

February 7, 2016 admin
Quality Spare Parts MIXING_HEAD
MK600 Parts from MIXING-HEAD


Spare parts from MIXING-HEAD and Sonderhoff Engineering are entirely interchangeable.

Products from MIXING-HEAD are a either OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or OEM quality parts.



– are parts which come from the same manufacturers that supply to Sonderhoff Engineering and this parts are therefor 100% identical. Yet for legal reasons we are not allowed to call them genuine parts.



– are produced according to the same quality standards though by our own manufacturers. To ensure the same quality we separately tested every single part on a machine from Sonderhoff Engineering under real life conditions for at least 6 months.

Each time we tested one of our spare parts we replaced the same part with a new one from Sonderhoff on a second machine simultaneously. Basically we ran a competition between us and the Sonderhoff suppliers quality and unless we achieved an equal or better result, we did not offer the parts for sale. However, more than once we achieved longer durability of our parts during this tests.